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Bill teaches a method that he calls The Easy Way Embouchure System. To achieve ease in all the registers of the trumpet, the embouchure must be held in a certain position. Once you learn to produce a tone from that position, you will continue to build so that the trumpet becomes very easy to play from octave to octave, and the registers become very close together and vitually the same. This can be accomplished because the position of the embouchure will always have the amount of compression that is necessary. The lower registers are played by relaxing the embouchure.

Bill explains the Easy Way Embouchure System in these YouTube videos:

Bill’s ability to analyze embouchure problems is very impressive. He is very observant about everything that is happening with an embouchure, and has put many trumpet players on the correct course.

Professional trumpet players have seen Bill when they were having chop problems or having a problem with a certain section of the register.


"You’re one of the few teachers who knows how to explain what to do with chops/face"

Eric C., NC

Bill really knows what he's on about. I've had 2 on-line lessons, he spotted my problems immediately and gave me a prescription to help fix them. I'm working on his directions and already noticing the difference. Many many thanks.


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